I want to thank Irish of Cat Nanny Calgary, very much for cat sitting Niles for the last two years. Some months I needed her for 15 days or more, but she and her back up team of associates were always there for him twice a day. Irish always went above and beyond in her duties, showing genuine concern and care for Niles, doing such things as taking him for walks or a run down the hall with her daughter, Eden (Cat Nanny Associate in Training) and even trimming his claws when found to be too long. Irish is a very professional, kind and caring person. I feel very privileged to have had her look after Niles when I was away. I especially appreciated the phone call updates while I was on long trips to let me know how he was doing. I cared a lot for Niles and it gave me peace of mind to know she was there looking after him, especially when he was sick. Should I get another cat, Cat Nanny Calgary will be my first call, and in the mean time I will continue to highly recommend her cat sitting services to anyone in need.

Dave R.,Calgary,AB