Irish Beth Maddock ~ Owner / Certified Feline Specialist / Founder

irish-beth-maddockIrish is seen here with two of her MEOW Foundation Foster kittens, “Reebok” and “Naot”. This picture was actually taken by Irish’s then four year old daughter, (and Cat Care Associate in training). Not bad hey? Irish has been in business serving Calgary cat owner’s since May of 2008, however, she has been in the business of caring for cats her entire life. She has an innate sense of seeing things from the perspective of a cat, and hence can read each kitty’s personality and determine their needs which can be respected. Loving and giving to those who cannot speak for themselves, particularly animals, is ingrained in Irish’s nature. She also has a Gerontology Certification and has a special heart to serve senior’s. In particular, Irish wants to do what she can to help our seniors keep their cat’s residing with them for as long as possible. Ask Irish about special cat care discounts offered to seniors and person’s with disabilities.